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Otabe Management Philosophy

"To create pleasurable and joyful experience"
We continue to exert our efforts at all times to offer our consumers constant safety and delicious sweets.



Kyoto’s famous confectionery, “Otabe”. The famous unbaked yatsuhashi (unbaked rice cake), yatsuhashi (baked rice cake), Japanese sweets, and evolutionary sweets such as western confectionery and Melba toast are introduced here.


Otabe-making Experience Dojo

We offer otabe-making lessons at the Main Location Shop.It is arranged by appointment. If you would like to make a reservation online.
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Maiko in Kyoto, Otabe-chan

Maiko in Kyoto, Otabe-chan

Otabe-chan is a character of Kyoto that has been commonly known to people along with Otabe. Let us introduce her secrets a little.

3 ingredients that makes Otabe perfect

3 ingredients that makes Otabe perfect

The secrets to the deliciousness of Otabe are “A brand of rice called Koshihikari,” “Azuki beans from Hokkaido,” and "Uriwari-no-mizu, Japan’ s famous spring water selected in top 100.

otabe kyoto

Obanzai of Kyoto

Obanzai of Kyoto

"The banzai" is the center of Kyoto’s home cooking, household dish that mothers cook. Here, we introduce recipes of delicious Obanzai using seasonal ingredients and essay about festivals and meals of Kyoto.
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OTABE Association

Otabe Association

Azuki beans are the crude material of bean paste for Otabe. We want to grow such important ingredient with only one kind of Azuki produced by one farm producer. By doing so, we want to share the passion of making “Otabe” together.
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Confectionary Gion-Sakai

Out western confectionary, “Gion-Sakai” is a pastry that you can enjoy real western confectionary with a theme, “Sophistication,” from Hanamikoji-dori of Gion.

That taste at that time,Taste you can not forget

Taste then, unforgettable taste

Here, we introduce essay about experiences such as seasonal ingredients and cuisines in Kyoto and illustrations of seasonal food.
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