List of products

List of products

Otabe Sweets

Constant Safety and Deliciousness
Constant Safety and Deliciousness


Spring Otabe

Haru Otabe
(Spring Otabe)

Cherry-colored Domyoji cherry paste made with glutinous rice and Cheery-flavored strained bean paste are wrapped around with unbaked yatsuhashi created with special crude material and formula. Wrapper of this product is renewed with collage of a collage artist, Mr. Shu Kubo.

Kotabe Spring

Kotabe Haru
(Spring Kotabe )

There are 8 kinds of Kotabe Spring. In addition to the regular “cinnamon” and “green tea,” we have prepared variety of Otabe including spring regulars such as “Cherry-colored Domyoji cherry paste” and “cherry flavored strained bean paste.” Small souvenir boxed in a small colorful box. Here is Pretty Kyoto.

March otabe

April otabe

The taste of Otabe in April is Walnut with sweet, semi-crushed red beans.

Unbaked yatsuhashi with Ruby chocolate paste

Ruby Chocolat OTABE

We made a ganache by ruby chocolate with which we can feel beautiful ruby color and taste a rich fruity and sour flavor and gently wrapped by raw Yatsuhashi.

Unbaked yatsuhashi with Ruby chocolate paste

Matcha Chocolat OTABE

We gently wrapped a fragrant Matcha ganache by raw Yatsuhashi of Matcha.

Unbaked yatsuhashi with chocolate paste

Chocolate Otabe

Rich-in-fragrance and soft chocolate is tenderly wrapped around with unbaked yatsuhashi made with plenty of cocoa.

Brown sugar Kinako Otabe

rAw sugar Kinako Otabe

Brown sugar was mixed to make unbaked Yatsuhashi, and then sweet beans and roasted soy flour were mixted to make the inside paste.
We wrapped the paste by the Yatsuhashi and dusted with sweet soy flour.
Slightly bitter flavor specific to brown sugar and flagrant flavor of roasted soy flour are mixed well together. You can be tugged by old memories.



Koshihikari is the crude material for unbaked yatsuhashi. The rice is grinded with a stonemill thoroughly to make crude material of yatsuhashi, "rice flour" (powder of the rice). The bean paste is cooked with delicious water of Fukui carefully with Azuki bean from Hokkaido. Two flavor as cinnamon and green tea(matcha).

Tea Otabe

Ocha Otabe
(Tea Otabe)

There are two kinds of tea Otabe. Koshihikari is the crude material for unbaked yatsuhashi. It wraps around "high quality green tea paste” using Uji Gyokuro. For green tea(matcha) unbaked yatsuhashi, “coarse sweet red bean paste” is used.

Unbaked yatsuhashi

Raw Yatsuhashi Fondue

A raw Yatsuhashi is newly introduced from a famous confection, “Otabe”with a sense of much fun.
We prepared sauce to eat by entwining under the theme of “Making raw Yatsuhashi more tasty”.



Kyoto’s famous confectionery, yatsuhashi, is renewed. This confectionery has been loved and enjoyed for more than 300 years. Fragrance of the cinnamon and the baked fragrant taste is widely known as the taste of Kyoto.

Chocolate Yatsuhashi

Chocolate Yatsuhashi

Process to make the traditional "yatsuhashi" is arranged, and this original chocolate yatsuhashi is thin and very light, coated with chocolate. "Chocolate yatsuhashi" where slight fragrance of cinnamon (Nikki) and chocolate are integrated.

Yatsuhashi Crunch

Yatsuhashi Crunch

This chocolate crunch is made with crushed crunchy yatsuhashi covered by chocolate. It is designed with a cute face of Otabe-chan. The chocolate flavor and the crunchiness are making the perfect match.

Kyo Machiya Cake

Kyo Machiya Cake

This cake is made with Uji green tea(matcha) of the established shop "Morihan" in Kyoto.
Green tea(matcha) chocolate using balck soybean paste holds green tea(matcha) unbaked yatsuhashi and green tea(matcha) génoise (cake dough) together. This is the latest evolutionary sweets that you can taste the sticky and moist texture.

Kyo Baum Sable

Kyo Baum Sable

This is a flaky sable made with Uji green tea and soy milk.

3 ingredients that makes Otabe perfect

The secrets to the deliciousness of Otabe are rice, azuki beans, and water.

Otabe are riceazuki beanswater

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