Maiko in Kyoto, Otabe-chan


Maiko in Kyoto, Otabe-chan

Otabe-chan is a character of Kyoto that has been commonly known to people along with Otabe. Let us introduce her secrets a little.

“First-generation” Otabe-chan


First generation Otabe-chan was an illustration made in 1967.

Second generation Otabe-chan

“Second generation”

It was born in 1972 with the same bowing posture that the current Otabe-chan has.

Third generation Otabe-chan

“Third generation”

The third generation is the illustration of Mr. Hiroshi Ooba

Fourth generation Otabe-chan

“Fourth generation”

The illustration used in the current packages the fourth generation Otabe-chan

Maiko-san of Kyoto

Maiko-san is one of the well-known facts of Kyoto. There are 5 geiko quarters existing in Kyoto, and Maiko-san learns dance, shamisen, and behaviors and movements to stand on their own as Geiko-san. Nowadays, they have become symbolic and decorative figure to have visitors know the beauty and tradition of Kyoto.
Geiko Quarters
In Kyoto, there are 5 quarters as Gionkoubu, Pontocho, Kamishichiken, Miyagawacho, and Gionhigashi. There are about 5 to 10 Maiko-sans in each quarter learning various artistic accomplishments and become Geiko-san.