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Oide Farm
Oide Farm
Azuki beans are the crude material of bean paste for Otabe. We want to grow such important ingredient with only one kind of Azuki produced by one farm producer. By doing so, we want to share the passion of making “Otabe” together.

Oide Farm

(Makubetsu-cho, Tokachi, Hokkaido)
Azuki beans made at Oide Farm are used to make coarse sweet red bean paste for Otabe from February 11th (till and the end of March).

Passion for Azuki Cultivation
We check the balance between the field rotation and nutrient of soil to make well-conditioned field, put our efforts in reduction of fertilizer and pesticides used, and make Azuki beans which are safe to people.

Troubles and Joys of the Azuki Bean Cultivation
It is important to strictly follow the manual to cultivate crops that match with the central area of the Tokachi Plains. We had to go through very painful process (very hard of the back) to harvest until some years ago, but in late years harvesters such as pickup threshers and combines became prevalent, which made harvesting process easier for us. Because recently the number of occurrence of abnormal weather increased, we are very anxious about the damage since we have to face with nature and we are often powerless toward it. Also, we feel TPP is one of the matters make us apprehensive about the situation surrounding agriculture.

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