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Nishino Farm
Nishino Farm
Azuki beans are the crude material of bean paste for Otabe. We want to grow such important ingredient with only one kind of Azuki produced by one farm producer. By doing so, we want to share the passion of making “Otabe” together.

Nishino Farm

(Nakasatsunai-mura, Tokachi, Hokkaido)
Azuki beans made at Nishino Farm are used to make coarse sweet red bean paste for Otabe from May 23st (till and the beginning of April).

Passion for Otabe Association
We are very proud that Azuki beans that we take care for 1 year (120 clear days) are actually become a part of the products at Otabe-san, Kyoto’s well known confectionery.

Troubles and Joys of the Azuki Bean Cultivation
We set May 20 as the proper timing of seeding and we seed on this day. We pray all year round wishing for the blessing of the weather starting with wishing for sunny days until sprouts occur in the beginning of Jun but wishing for rains once a week when we have drought. After that, we soften the soil using a machine called Karzc in furrow and mix short grasses in the soil praying that the ground temperature to rise. When we find aphids in the field, we pray that it won’t eat the leaves. In July and August, we pray that the growing leaves won’t become ill till the end and it will be the time to harvest in September. This is how it works and we must adjust to the weather each year as if we are a first grader every year not knowing left or right. Recently, it is even harder to harvest since it grows much faster than usual due to abnormal weather.

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